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Denis E

Was born:
Was born in 1971, in the city of Minsk, Belarus.

Studied at art school and in passing of Minsk was engaged in studio of arts in the Palace of youth.
Having returned per 1991 from army, has borrowed in business and in passing took private lessons from venerable teachers of Academy of Arts.
On bless Metropolitan Philaret has undertaken manufacturing of reliefs of icons for bells where has received school of skill incomparable with any higher educational institutions.

Cooperation and a creative life:
After participation in auction Russian Cultur expo 2002, the artist signs the contract with American publishing house Bruno Publishing. This publishing house for the first time has widely presented it at a professional international level: has let out the first limited editions of its pictures, has shown its painting at numerous exhibitions in the USA, the Europe and Israel. The main things from exhibitions of steel International Art Expo NY 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
The same publishing house of Moscow in May 2007 will present it at 11 art fair in ЦДХ. In the beginning of 2007 of the contractual obligation with Bruno Publishing have been finished, and now E.Denis independently sells the works. Today it is presented in galleries of the USA, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, France and Czechia, church bells with its icons decorate more than 100 churches in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic and the USA.
Its love to art and perfection has helped to change its all life and has learned to live in harmony, both with itself, and with the world surrounding it.

Works of the master are:
In galleries and private collections of Belarus, Russia, the USA, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, Франциии, Lithuania, Czechia.

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