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Jakubovskaja Olga

Was born:
In Kareliya in 1969.
Since 1989 there lives in Novopolotsk (Belarus).

In 1989 has ended Kungursk art school (the Perm edge, Russia).
In 2007 has ended the Belorussian state university of culture and arts (chair of national arts and crafts).

Significant exhibitions:
In exhibition activity actively participates since 1991.
Throughout ten years as the clubman of national masters of "Pramen" of Novopolotsk, participated in the international festival Slavic market in Vitebsk - fair of national crafts City of masters.
1999 - participation in an exhibition of art products from a skin Dreams, imaginations and dreams, art gallery, Polotsk (Belarus).
2007 and 2008 - participation in joint exhibitions of masters of art processing of a skin, gallery Slavic masters , Minsk.
December, 2007 January, 2008 - participation in a republican exhibition Kaljadnaja is sharp-sighted, gallery of the Palace of Republic, Minsk.

Personal exhibitions:
2001 the skin World, gallery Slavic masters, Minsk;
2003 Pictures from a skin, art gallery, Polotsk (Belarus);
2004 I Feel a skin , gallery Slavic masters, Minsk;
2005 I Feel a skin , an art museum, Kungur (the Perm edge, Russia);
2007 Landscapes from a skin, an art museum, Kungur (the Perm edge, Russia);
2008 Returning , an art museum, Kungur (the Perm edge, Russia);
2011 In search of harmony , showroom, Novopolotsk (Belarus);
2011 "Seasons", gallery "Slavutich", Minsk.

Olga Jakubovsky's works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, the USA, Great Britain, the Baltic , etc.

N.N.Karzhitskaja, the critic:
Works of the artist convincingly testify to an individual choice of a theme and own sight at possibilities of use of a genuine leather. Simple and reserved compositions successfully show plasticity and to gradation of a material. In plots of its works the theme choice goes not as simple loan of known motives, and as original transformation, a sight at the world through a prism of own feelings and representations.

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