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Jaremchiuk Aleksandr

The artist was born in 1964 in Vilnius. Lives and works in Vilnius.

Creativity Vilnius by Alexander Yaremchuk sverhneobychnostyu delights.
His paintings are written in a surrealistic manner, connect,
seemed irreconcilable things and images, and surrealism inherent absurdity
in the works of fiction Yaremchuk not repelled, but on the contrary, draws.
From its unreal, far from the reality of beings - paintings of heroes -
breathes romance and warmth, so it seems that the good will certainly prevail over evil.
Today Yaremchuk wrote not only paintings, but also engaged in restoration and interior design.
Participates in various exhibitions, and his paintings have long dispersed in private collections around the world. (Valery Seregin)

The artist of his paintings:
- What is for you the main thing in the picture?
- For me - it's composition and color. After all, the main purpose of the picture - to work on the viewer aesthetically.
The semantic content of the load, and - in second place.
It is for this reason that most of the masterpieces of world art - it's well thought-out composition,
color and individual style of the author.
On the picture it is best to say it myself. Eye contact is primary, and the criticism - it's just the thoughts of others.
Maybe it's because I avoid to give the names of his paintings. After all, they work as a spectator intelligence indicator.
Looking at the painting without a title, the viewer himself tells about her and judge her, in accordance with its personal associations.
So give names surreal paintings meaningless.
Painting Untitled - a mystery. The longer you look at it, the more you discover something new. This is the beauty.

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