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Jasko Vitalij

Was born:
In 1948 in village the White Stone of Vinnitsa area, in Ukraine.

The career of the artist:
With 1964 по1968 year studied in the Odessa theatrically-art school, on art branch.
After the termination it is directed for work on the Kiev film studio of feature films of A.P.Dovzhenko.
With 1969 on 1971 served in СА in the Deserved ensemble of a song and dancing of the Kiev military district as the costume designer and the art director of a folk theatre at a district Officers' Club.
1971-1972 a film studio of A.P.Dovzhenko.
1972-1997 the art director of a film studio of "Ukrtelefilm".
c 1997 and to this day the art director of a film studio of A.P.Dovzhenko.
The Art director of the highest category.
Member of the Union of cinematographers.
Member of the Union of artists of Ukraine.
The deserved art worker.
The Art director of feature films, television photoplays, musical, ballet films, clips and advertising. Approximately 65 units.
The active participant of many art exhibitions, opening days.
Works of different genres and styles: oil, a water colour, a batic, a pencil, a feather, a pastel, a list of walls, design of an interior, polygraphy, computer design, a suit, a portrait...

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