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Jushkjavichute Simona

Was born:
In 1978 Kaunas.
Lives and works in the same place.

Education and job:
With 1989 for 1996 studied at the Kaunas art school (nowadays the Kaunas grammar school of arts).
In 2004 worked as the adviser of the company of beauty of Mary Kej (a nonconventional make-up, drawing on the person).
In 2004 has finished training at Shauljajsky pedagogical university (a speciality - the art technologist).
Since 2005 works in MTKC (the Youth centre of technical creativity).
And as since 2005 is engaged in an illustration of nurseries of the book of publishing houses: Alma Littera, "Light".

1994 KDG a modern way of painting. "Inner meaning of association in the world".
2000 Kaunas, kindergarten "Girstutis.
2002 Kaunas "Purienu", high school. Collages.
2004 Kaunas Restaurant the Wine cellar ". Collages.
2006 Kaunas area. Municipal public library. Painting and collages. "An association dream".
2007 Beauty salon. "Whale". Painting.
2007 "Community and accessories","Municipal public library.
2007. The Kaunas area. Municipal public library. Painting and collages. "A female palette."
2007. Zarasai. The Palace of culture. Action "Indian summer" the Art exhibition.
2008. The Kaunas district of public library. The colour drawing. "Thoughts on the Earth".
2008. Tituvieniu church and a monastery. Metal working, painting by oil. "Thanking an angel".
2009. Juodkrante. Ludwig Rezaosa's cultural centre. Pictures, collages. "Carpe Diem".

The Artist about itself:
In an operating time, creativity gives me wings of soul which allow me to be in touch with great secret...

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