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Masly Dmitry

Masly Dmitry was born in 1954 year in city of Minsk( Belarus ).
He graduated from the Byelarussian Akademy of Arts in 1982.
Since 1988 he is a member of Byelarussian Union of Artists.
He is also a member of the International Guild of Painters.
Participant of more than 50 collective and personal exibitions
in different countries all over the world.

List of important exhibitions:
1981-1992 - Republican exhibitions (Minsk, Kiev, Riga, Leningrad, Moscow)
1993-96-99-2001 -Cultural Association of arts. The Castle Roquevidal (France)
1993 - Salon-93 Grand-Palais Paris (France)
1998 - Nadine Granier Gallery Alby (France)
1999 - Art-Salon The central House of the artist Moscow (Russia)
1999 - Gallery D-Art Praga (Czech Republic)
2000 - Gallery Mednis Kaliningrad (Russia)
2001 - Olimpic Centre Roma (Italy)
2001 - Art Centre Portret-Sur-Garonne (France)
2002 - Gallery Rustinoff Saint-Paul-de Vence (France)
2002 - Kursaal te Oostende (Belgium)
2002 - Art Centre Delft (Holland)
2003 - Art Gallery Kansas City (USA)
2003 - Gallery Art Minsk (Belarus)
2003 - Gallery de Heeren van Voorburg (Holland)
2004 - Espase Conseil General Nevers (France)
2004 - OWZPAP Warszawa (Poland)
2005 - Gallerie Mutmann Marn (Germany)
2005 - Nord-Ostsee Gallery Flensburg (Germany)
2005 - Schloss vor Husum (Germany)
2006 - Grafik Museum Stiftung Schreiner (Germany)
2006 - Museum of the Modern Art (Belarus)
2007 - Natinal Library Minsk (Belarus)
2007 - Gallery Atrium Tallinn (Estonia)
2008 - Bella Alexandra Gallery Kronberg (Germany)
2010 - Unification of Artist Artel Minsk (Belarus)
2012 - Sed Art Gallery Tallinn (Estonia)
2013 - Art-Krok National Library, Minsk (Belarus)

Artist about his work :
When I "retired " in abstract painting , was behind the Academy of Fine Arts with its classic form , the Union of Artists and long experience in numerous exhibitions . Avoiding the subject , meaning painting was conscious and logical. I felt it closely . I did not want to make loud statements and declarations , but decided to appeal to the unconscious , to find the sensuality and spontaneity, relax in the painting and the opportunity to give my audience. I refused to clear lines and shapes. My abstract paintings are fluid and vague . It seems that they are constantly changing.
Perhaps the style of my paintings inspired by images of oriental carpets , unobtrusive ornament which promotes relaxation and meditation. On the other hand , my paintings can remind someone images of the Earth in prehistoric chaos , nature drawings on the rocks, reflecting the world in flowing water ...
Since then , like primitive man painted totem animals on the cave walls , and before the advent of modern lovers of art objects in the visual arts has seen many changes . In today's world , apparently overloaded layered artistic images in various forms of art , it is difficult to find a safe haven for quiet meditation and emotional relaxation. My "new" abstract experience - try to do this .
What these pictures do not like everything is natural and understandable , and yet , I hope, the true connoisseurs of this painting 's taste.

Dmitry Maslov

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