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Art Gallery Akmens Zenklai Vilnius

If you havent yet visited Akmens Zenklai we really recommend you to do that. The gallery is situated in the centre of Vilnius, close to Lukisiu square.

Address: Jaksto 14-7

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11:00-18:30, Saturday 11:00-15:00.

What is so special about Akmens Zenklai?

Something for every taste and style

The gallery offers a wide range of paintings, ceramics, sculptures and jewellery to satisfy any taste and style. The friendly manager, Rita, will greet you and help you out in your search for something you like. If you have any questions concerning the artists or their works she will be happy to assist you.

Professional advices on interior design

If you have a new or old flat or house and need paintings which go with the interior the manager of the gallery, Rita, is the one to consult. She will advice you on which paintings to choose.

The artists represented at Akmens Zenklai

Almost all the artists represented at the gallery are members of the union of artists of Lithuania, Belarus or other countries. In Akmens Zenklai you can find many of the paintings in our gallery Works by the following of our artist are at the moment exhibited for sale in Akmens Zenklai:

Alla Sviridenko
Arlen Kashkurevich
Margarita Golubyeva
Mihail Konovalov
Liudmila Domnenkova

In Akmens Zenklai you will find paintings in oil, water color, batik, graphic works and much more. Especially interesting is the collection of batiks.

Sculptures and ceramics

In Akmens Zenklai you will find a lot of sculptures and ceramics. By the way, if you are interested in working with ceramics and do your own things, then talk to the manager Rita. She will guide you to where you can join a course in sculpturing and ceramics.


There is also a continuously changing exhibition of hand made jewellery in the gallery. You will find different kinds of beautiful pieces of jewellery there all the time.

You are always warm welcome to Art Gallery Akmens Zenklai!