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How to buy

When you have decided to buy a painting from our gallery you can do it as described in the following:

1. On this telephone you can ask any additional question and express your interest for any painting in our gallery:

+370 674 90685

2. You can also send us an e-mail with your questions and requests for a prompt answer to:

As soon as we get your e-mail our administrator will contact you to confirm the information you sent us.
If everything is in order you will get an e-mail with all details on how to proceed to buy the painting you have chosen.

When we have received your payment to our account we proceed as fast as possible to deliver the painting to you.

3. If you live in Lithuania the painting can be delivered to you personally or sent to you by mail to any preferred address in Lithuania.

The whole process of buying includes the following steps:

1. Reservation of the painting (on telephone or by e-mail)
2. Payment (in the most convenient way for you)
3. Delivery (according to your wishes)


When you have chosen a painting, please write down the full name of the artist and the name of the painting, then either call:

+370 674 90685

or send an e-mail to:

Please include the following information in your order:

· Name and surname
· E-mail
· Telephone
· Address
· The artist’s name and surname
· Name of the painting you want to buy
· Any other information useful for us

All information you give us will be forwarded to our manager. All you have to do is to wait for his kind and prompt response.


Very important remark!
At purchase of a picture,, collects 15 % from cost of a picture from the buyer.

Payment may be done only after contacting us and after settlement of all details concerning the purchase.

Payment can be done in the way you find most convenient. It is possible to pay directly to our bank account or through the secure on-line payment system "WebMoney", PayPal, as well as in other ways. Please contact us if you have special wishes for payment. Our manager will give you the further details on payment (account number etcetera) when you have reserved the painting and everything is agreed.


We offer you different delivery options.

1. Personal delivery in the territory of Lithuania (with car/truck)
2. Express mail EMS (Express Mail Service) – to most countries in the world
3. Delivery with DHL – too all countries in the world
4. With Lithuanian Mail

All these services are secure and fast but available services, geographic scope and terms of delivery may differ.

If you want to learn more about these alternatives please use the following links:

1. - EMS
2. - EMS
3. - DHL
If you have any questions about which of the above services to choose we gladly advice you on the matter.

Wrapping of the paintings

Since your painting is a piece of valuable art we pay a lot of attention to its wrapping in order to make sure it reaches you in original and undamaged condition. We always try to do our outmost in these respects and we try to keep the freight cost at a minimum.

Buy a painting directly from the artist

In many cases we can offer you the possibility to buy paintings directly from the hands of the artist. We arrange a meeting with you and the artist if he lives in Lithuania. You can then have a look at his works together with him and buy directly from him. The prices will be the ones the artist himself sets. For this service we only charge from 50-100 USD depending on which artist you want to meet. If you want to buy directly from the artist, please send us an e-mail to:

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